is intelligence having fun.

- Albert Einstein
is intelligence having fun.

Studio playground

is a creative brand marketing studio & a magazine publisher. We work with the creative, design, and culture sectors to create meaningful and resonant strategies, concepts, content and experiences.

The studio was started by Austė Skrupskytė Cullbrand who envisioned an agency that holistically approaches strategy, creativity, and communication. We are based between Stockholm and Vilnius with strong roots in London and Berlin.

Over the years, we have curated a European-wide network of talented freelancers. We are a curiosity-driven collective — probing, playful, and unafraid to experiment. We carefully select the best team for every brief and together can tackle any creative challenge that comes our way.

Our founder

With over a decade of experience, Austė has delivered and consulted on creative projects, campaigns, brand strategy, communication and advertising for brands such as

Volvo Cars,
Berlin Tourism,
and Zalando.

Studio playground is the realisation of Austė’s dream to democratise the creative industry and find fresh, imaginative ways of working.

A note from Austė

“At the heart of it, at studio playground we are curious to launch our own independent projects, continually collaborate with other creatives and are not afraid to experiment, so we know what it takes to do the work. Every half year, we indulge ourselves into a new self-funded project. No matter if it is writing a newsletter, rolling out a new campaign, publishing a book, a collection or the whole new brand. We like to explore new creative turfs with different creatives. It allows us to experiment, understand recent trends, test new mediums, and use those in practice.”